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   Unix SMB/CIFS implementation.
   SMB parameters and setup
   Copyright (C) Andrew Tridgell 1992-1998
   Copyright (C) Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton 1996-1998
   Copyright (C) Jeremy Allison 1998

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version.

   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   GNU General Public License for more details.

   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

#ifndef _CLIENT_H
#define _CLIENT_H

/* the client asks for a smaller buffer to save ram and also to get more
   overlap on the wire. This size gives us a nice read/write size, which
   will be a multiple of the page size on almost any system */
#define CLI_SAMBA_MAX_LARGE_READX_SIZE (127*1024) /* Works for Samba servers */
#define CLI_SAMBA_MAX_LARGE_WRITEX_SIZE (127*1024) /* Works for Samba servers */
#define CLI_WINDOWS_MAX_LARGE_READX_SIZE ((64*1024)-2) /* Windows servers are broken.... */
#define CLI_WINDOWS_MAX_LARGE_WRITEX_SIZE ((64*1024)-2) /* Windows servers are broken.... */
#define CLI_SAMBA_MAX_POSIX_LARGE_READX_SIZE (0xFFFF00) /* 24-bit len. */
#define CLI_SAMBA_MAX_POSIX_LARGE_WRITEX_SIZE (0xFFFF00) /* 24-bit len. */

 * These definitions depend on smb.h

00040 struct print_job_info {
      uint16 id;
      uint16 priority;
00043       size_t size;
      fstring user;
      fstring name;
00046       time_t t;

struct cli_pipe_auth_data {
      enum pipe_auth_type auth_type; /* switch for the union below. Defined in ntdomain.h */
      enum pipe_auth_level auth_level; /* defined in ntdomain.h */
      union {
            struct schannel_auth_struct *schannel_auth;
            NTLMSSP_STATE *ntlmssp_state;
            struct kerberos_auth_struct *kerberos_auth;
      } a_u;
      void (*cli_auth_data_free_func)(struct cli_pipe_auth_data *);

struct rpc_pipe_client {
      struct rpc_pipe_client *prev, *next;

      TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx;

      struct cli_state *cli;

      int pipe_idx;
      const char *pipe_name;
      uint16 fnum;

      const char *domain;
      const char *user_name;
      struct pwd_info pwd;

      uint16 max_xmit_frag;
      uint16 max_recv_frag;

      struct cli_pipe_auth_data auth;

      /* The following is only non-null on a netlogon pipe. */
      struct dcinfo *dc;

/* Transport encryption state. */
enum smb_trans_enc_type { SMB_TRANS_ENC_NTLM, SMB_TRANS_ENC_GSS };

#if defined(HAVE_GSSAPI) && defined(HAVE_KRB5)
struct smb_tran_enc_state_gss {
        gss_ctx_id_t gss_ctx;
        gss_cred_id_t creds;

struct smb_trans_enc_state {
        enum smb_trans_enc_type smb_enc_type;
        uint16 enc_ctx_num;
        bool enc_on;
        union {
                NTLMSSP_STATE *ntlmssp_state;
#if defined(HAVE_GSSAPI) && defined(HAVE_KRB5)
                struct smb_tran_enc_state_gss *gss_state;
        } s;

struct cli_state {
      int port;
      int fd;
      /* Last read or write error. */
      enum smb_read_errors smb_rw_error;
      uint16 cnum;
      uint16 pid;
      uint16 mid;
      uint16 vuid;
      int protocol;
      int sec_mode;
      int rap_error;
      int privileges;

      fstring desthost;

      /* The credentials used to open the cli_state connection. */
      fstring domain;
      fstring user_name;
      struct pwd_info pwd;

       * The following strings are the
       * ones returned by the server if
       * the protocol > NT1.
      fstring server_type;
      fstring server_os;
      fstring server_domain;

      fstring share;
      fstring dev;
      struct nmb_name called;
      struct nmb_name calling;
      fstring full_dest_host_name;
      struct sockaddr_storage dest_ss;

      DATA_BLOB secblob; /* cryptkey or negTokenInit */
      uint32 sesskey;
      int serverzone;
      uint32 servertime;
      int readbraw_supported;
      int writebraw_supported;
      int timeout; /* in milliseconds. */
      size_t max_xmit;
      size_t max_mux;
      char *outbuf;
      char *inbuf;
      unsigned int bufsize;
      int initialised;
      int win95;
      bool is_samba;
      uint32 capabilities;
      uint32 posix_capabilities;
      bool dfsroot;

#if 0
      TALLOC_CTX *longterm_mem_ctx;
      TALLOC_CTX *call_mem_ctx;

      smb_sign_info sign_info;

      struct smb_trans_enc_state *trans_enc_state; /* Setup if we're encrypting SMB's. */

      /* the session key for this CLI, outside
         any per-pipe authenticaion */
      DATA_BLOB user_session_key;

      /* The list of pipes currently open on this connection. */
      struct rpc_pipe_client *pipe_list;

      bool use_kerberos;
      bool fallback_after_kerberos;
      bool use_spnego;

      bool use_oplocks; /* should we use oplocks? */
      bool use_level_II_oplocks; /* should we use level II oplocks? */

      /* a oplock break request handler */
      bool (*oplock_handler)(struct cli_state *cli, int fnum, unsigned char level);

      bool force_dos_errors;
      bool case_sensitive; /* False by default. */

      fstring ccname;

typedef struct file_info {
      struct cli_state *cli;
      SMB_BIG_UINT size;
      uint16 mode;
      uid_t uid;
      gid_t gid;
      /* these times are normally kept in GMT */
      struct timespec mtime_ts;
      struct timespec atime_ts;
      struct timespec ctime_ts;
      char *name;
      char short_name[13*3]; /* the *3 is to cope with multi-byte */
} file_info;


#endif /* _CLIENT_H */

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