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#define DATABASE_VERSION_V1 1 /* native byte format. */
#define DATABASE_VERSION_V2 2 /* le format. */


/* Alias memberships are stored reverse, as memberships. The performance
 * critical operation is to determine the aliases a SID is member of, not
 * listing alias members. So we store a list of alias SIDs a SID is member of
 * hanging of the member as key.

  groupdb mapping backend abstraction
struct mapping_backend {
      bool (*init_group_mapping)(void);
      bool (*add_mapping_entry)(GROUP_MAP *map, int flag);
      bool (*get_group_map_from_sid)(DOM_SID sid, GROUP_MAP *map);
      bool (*get_group_map_from_gid)(gid_t gid, GROUP_MAP *map);
      bool (*get_group_map_from_ntname)(const char *name, GROUP_MAP *map);
      bool (*group_map_remove)(const DOM_SID *sid);
      bool (*enum_group_mapping)(const DOM_SID *domsid, enum lsa_SidType sid_name_use, 
                           GROUP_MAP **pp_rmap,
                           size_t *p_num_entries, bool unix_only);
      NTSTATUS (*one_alias_membership)(const DOM_SID *member,
                               DOM_SID **sids, size_t *num);
      NTSTATUS (*add_aliasmem)(const DOM_SID *alias, const DOM_SID *member);
      NTSTATUS (*del_aliasmem)(const DOM_SID *alias, const DOM_SID *member);
      NTSTATUS (*enum_aliasmem)(const DOM_SID *alias, DOM_SID **sids, size_t *num);

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