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   ldb database mapping module

   Copyright (C) Jelmer Vernooij 2005
   Copyright (C) Martin Kuehl <mkhl@samba.org> 2006

   * NOTICE: this module is NOT released under the GNU LGPL license as
   * other ldb code. This module is release under the GNU GPL v2 or
   * later license.

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   GNU General Public License for more details.
   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

#ifndef __LDB_MAP_H__
#define __LDB_MAP_H__

/* ldb_map is a skeleton LDB module that can be used for any other modules
 * that need to map attributes.
 * The term 'remote' in this header refers to the connection where the 
 * original schema is used on while 'local' means the local connection 
 * that any upper layers will use.
 * All local attributes will have to have a definition. Not all remote 
 * attributes need a definition as LDB is a lot less strict than LDAP 
 * (in other words, sending unknown attributes to an LDAP server hurts us, 
 * while returning too many attributes in ldb_search() doesn't)

/* Name of the internal attribute pointing from the local to the
 * remote part of a record */
#define IS_MAPPED "isMapped"

struct ldb_map_context;

/* convert a local ldb_val to a remote ldb_val */
typedef struct ldb_val (*ldb_map_convert_func) (struct ldb_module *module, void *mem_ctx, const struct ldb_val *val);


/* map from local to remote attribute */
struct ldb_map_attribute {
      const char *local_name; /* local name */

      enum ldb_map_attr_type { 
            MAP_IGNORE, /* Ignore this local attribute. Doesn't exist remotely.  */
            MAP_KEEP,   /* Keep as is. Same name locally and remotely. */
            MAP_RENAME, /* Simply rename the attribute. Name changes, data is the same */
            MAP_CONVERT, /* Rename + convert data */
            MAP_GENERATE /* Use generate function for generating new name/data. 
                                    Used for generating attributes based on 
                                    multiple remote attributes. */
      } type;
      /* if set, will be called for search expressions that contain this attribute */
      int (*convert_operator)(struct ldb_module *, TALLOC_CTX *ctx, struct ldb_parse_tree **new, const struct ldb_parse_tree *);

      union { 
            struct {
                  const char *remote_name;
            } rename;
            struct {
                  const char *remote_name;

                  /* Convert local to remote data */
                  ldb_map_convert_func convert_local;

                  /* Convert remote to local data */
                  /* an entry can have convert_remote set to NULL, as long as there as an entry with the same local_name 
                   * that is non-NULL before it. */
                  ldb_map_convert_func convert_remote;
            } convert;
            struct {
                  /* Generate the local attribute from remote message */
                  struct ldb_message_element *(*generate_local)(struct ldb_module *, TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, const char *remote_attr, const struct ldb_message *remote);

                  /* Update remote message with information from local message */
                  void (*generate_remote)(struct ldb_module *, const char *local_attr, const struct ldb_message *old, struct ldb_message *remote, struct ldb_message *local);

                  /* Name(s) for this attribute on the remote server. This is an array since 
                   * one local attribute's data can be split up into several attributes 
                   * remotely */
                  const char *remote_names[LDB_MAP_MAX_REMOTE_NAMES];

                  /* Names of additional remote attributes
                   * required for the generation.      NULL
                   * indicates that `local_attr' suffices. */
                  const char *self_attrs[LDB_MAP_MAX_SELF_ATTRIBUTES];
            } generate;
      } u;

#define LDB_MAP_MAX_SUBCLASSES      10
#define LDB_MAP_MAX_MUSTS           10
#define LDB_MAP_MAX_MAYS            50

/* map from local to remote objectClass */
struct ldb_map_objectclass {
      const char *local_name;
      const char *remote_name;
      const char *base_classes[LDB_MAP_MAX_SUBCLASSES];
      const char *musts[LDB_MAP_MAX_MUSTS];
      const char *mays[LDB_MAP_MAX_MAYS];

/* private context data */
struct ldb_map_context {
      struct ldb_map_attribute *attribute_maps;
      /* NOTE: Always declare base classes first here */
      const struct ldb_map_objectclass *objectclass_maps;

      /* Remote (often operational) attributes that should be added
       * to any wildcard search */
      const char * const *wildcard_attributes;

      /* struct ldb_context *mapped_ldb; */
      const struct ldb_dn *local_base_dn;
      const struct ldb_dn *remote_base_dn;

/* Global private data */
struct map_private {
      void *caller_private;
      struct ldb_map_context *context;

/* Initialize global private data. */
int ldb_map_init(struct ldb_module *module, const struct ldb_map_attribute *attrs, 
             const struct ldb_map_objectclass *ocls,
             const char * const *wildcard_attributes,
             const char *name);

/* get copy of map_ops */
struct ldb_module_ops

#endif /* __LDB_MAP_H__ */

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