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char* ipstr_list_make ( char **  ipstr_list,
const struct ip_service *  ip_list,
int  ip_count 

Allocate and initialise an ipstr list using ip adresses passed as arguments.

ipstr_list pointer to string meant to be allocated and set
ip_list array of ip addresses to place in the list
ip_count number of addresses stored in ip_list
pointer to allocated ip string

Definition at line 2231 of file util_str.c.

References ipstr_list_add().

      int i;

      /* arguments checking */
      if (!ip_list || !ipstr_list) {
            return 0;

      *ipstr_list = NULL;

      /* process ip addresses given as arguments */
      for (i = 0; i < ip_count; i++) {
            *ipstr_list = ipstr_list_add(ipstr_list, &ip_list[i]);

      return (*ipstr_list);

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