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int smbc_stat ( const char *  url,
struct stat *  st 

Get information about a file or directory.

url The smb url to get information for
st pointer to a buffer that will be filled with standard Unix struct stat information.
0 on success, < 0 on error with errno set:
  • ENOENT A component of the path file_name does not exist.
  • EINVAL a NULL url was passed or smbc_init not called.
  • EACCES Permission denied.
  • ENOMEM Out of memory
  • ENOTDIR The target dir, url, is not a directory.
See also:
Unix stat()

Definition at line 281 of file libsmb_compat.c.

References _SMBCCTX::stat.

      return (statcont->stat)(statcont, url, st);

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