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#ifndef _NAMESERV_H_
#define _NAMESERV_H_
   Unix SMB/CIFS implementation.
   NBT netbios header - version 2
   Copyright (C) Andrew Tridgell 1994-1998
   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   GNU General Public License for more details.
   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

#define INFO_VERSION    "INFO/version"
#define INFO_COUNT      "INFO/num_entries"
#define INFO_ID_HIGH    "INFO/id_high"
#define INFO_ID_LOW     "INFO/id_low"
#define ENTRY_PREFIX    "ENTRY/"


/* NTAS uses 2, NT uses 1, WfWg uses 0 */
#define MAINTAIN_LIST    2

#define MAX_DGRAM_SIZE (576) /* tcp/ip datagram limit is 576 bytes */
#define MIN_DGRAM_SIZE 12

 Types of reply packet.

enum netbios_reply_type_code { NMB_QUERY, NMB_STATUS, NMB_REG, NMB_REG_REFRESH,
                               NMB_REL, NMB_WAIT_ACK, NMB_MULTIHOMED_REG,
                               WINS_REG, WINS_QUERY };

/* From rfc1002, */
/* Question types. */

/* Question class */
#define QUESTION_CLASS_IN  0x1

/* Opcode definitions */
#define NMB_NAME_QUERY_OPCODE       0x0
#define NMB_NAME_REG_OPCODE         0x05 /* see rfc1002.txt 4.2.2,3,5,6,7,8 */
#define NMB_NAME_RELEASE_OPCODE     0x06 /* see rfc1002.txt 4.2.9,10,11 */
#define NMB_WACK_OPCODE             0x07 /* see rfc1002.txt 4.2.16 */
/* Ambiguity in rfc1002 about which of these is correct. */
/* WinNT uses 8 by default but can be made to use 9. */
#define NMB_NAME_REFRESH_OPCODE_8   0x08 /* see rfc1002.txt 4.2.4 */
#define NMB_NAME_REFRESH_OPCODE_9   0x09 /* see rfc1002.txt 4.2.4 */
#define NMB_NAME_MULTIHOMED_REG_OPCODE 0x0F /* Invented by Microsoft. */

/* XXXX what about all the other types?? 0x1, 0x2, 0x3, 0x4, 0x8? */

/* Resource record types. rfc1002 */
#define RR_TYPE_A                  0x1
#define RR_TYPE_NS                 0x2
#define RR_TYPE_NULL               0xA
#define RR_TYPE_NB                0x20
#define RR_TYPE_NBSTAT            0x21

/* Resource record class. */
#define RR_CLASS_IN                0x1

/* NetBIOS flags */
#define NB_GROUP  0x80
#define NB_PERM   0x02
#define NB_ACTIVE 0x04
#define NB_CONFL  0x08
#define NB_DEREG  0x10
#define NB_BFLAG  0x00 /* Broadcast node type. */
#define NB_PFLAG  0x20 /* Point-to-point node type. */
#define NB_MFLAG  0x40 /* Mixed bcast & p-p node type. */
#define NB_HFLAG  0x60 /* Microsoft 'hybrid' node type. */
#define NB_NODETYPEMASK 0x60
/* Mask applied to outgoing NetBIOS flags. */
#define NB_FLGMSK 0xE0

/* The wins flags. Looks like the nbflags ! */
#define WINS_UNIQUE     0x00 /* Unique record */
#define WINS_NGROUP     0x01 /* Normal Group eg: 1B */
#define WINS_SGROUP     0x02 /* Special Group eg: 1C */
#define WINS_MHOMED     0x03 /* MultiHomed */

#define WINS_ACTIVE     0x00 /* active record */
#define WINS_RELEASED   0x04 /* released record */
#define WINS_TOMBSTONED 0x08 /* tombstoned record */
#define WINS_DELETED    0x0C /* deleted record */

#define WINS_STATE_MASK 0x0C

#define WINS_LOCAL      0x00 /* local record */
#define WINS_REMOTE     0x10 /* remote record */

#define WINS_BNODE      0x00 /* Broadcast node */
#define WINS_PNODE      0x20 /* PtP node */
#define WINS_MNODE      0x40 /* Mixed node */
#define WINS_HNODE      0x60 /* Hybrid node */

#define WINS_NONSTATIC  0x00 /* dynamic record */
#define WINS_STATIC     0x80 /* static record */

#define WINS_STATE_ACTIVE(p) (((p)->data.wins_flags & WINS_STATE_MASK) == WINS_ACTIVE)

/* NetBIOS flag identifier. */
#define NAME_GROUP(p)  ((p)->data.nb_flags & NB_GROUP)
#define NAME_BFLAG(p) (((p)->data.nb_flags & NB_NODETYPEMASK) == NB_BFLAG)
#define NAME_PFLAG(p) (((p)->data.nb_flags & NB_NODETYPEMASK) == NB_PFLAG)
#define NAME_MFLAG(p) (((p)->data.nb_flags & NB_NODETYPEMASK) == NB_MFLAG)
#define NAME_HFLAG(p) (((p)->data.nb_flags & NB_NODETYPEMASK) == NB_HFLAG)

/* Samba name state for a name in a namelist. */
#define NAME_IS_ACTIVE(p)        ((p)->data.nb_flags & NB_ACTIVE)
#define NAME_IN_CONFLICT(p)      ((p)->data.nb_flags & NB_CONFL)
#define NAME_IS_DEREGISTERING(p) ((p)->data.nb_flags & NB_DEREG)

/* Error codes for NetBIOS requests. */
#define FMT_ERR   0x1       /* Packet format error. */
#define SRV_ERR   0x2       /* Internal server error. */
#define NAM_ERR   0x3       /* Name does not exist. */
#define IMP_ERR   0x4       /* Request not implemented. */
#define RFS_ERR   0x5       /* Request refused. */
#define ACT_ERR   0x6       /* Active error - name owned by another host. */
#define CFT_ERR   0x7       /* Name in conflict error. */

#define REFRESH_TIME (15*60)

/* Workgroup state identifiers. */
#define AM_POTENTIAL_MASTER_BROWSER(work) ((work)->mst_state == MST_POTENTIAL)
#define AM_LOCAL_MASTER_BROWSER(work) ((work)->mst_state == MST_BROWSER)
#define AM_DOMAIN_MASTER_BROWSER(work) ((work)->dom_state == DOMAIN_MST)
#define AM_DOMAIN_MEMBER(work) ((work)->log_state == LOGON_SRV)

/* Microsoft browser NetBIOS name. */
#define MSBROWSE "\001\002__MSBROWSE__\002"

/* Mail slots. */

/* Samba definitions for find_name_on_subnet(). */
#define FIND_ANY_NAME   0
#define FIND_SELF_NAME  1

 * The different name types that can be in namelists.
 * SELF_NAME should only be on the broadcast and unicast subnets.
 * LMHOSTS_NAME should only be in the remote_broadcast_subnet.
 * REGISTER_NAME, DNS_NAME, DNSFAIL_NAME should only be in the wins_server_subnet.
 * WINS_PROXY_NAME should only be on the broadcast subnets.
 * PERMANENT_NAME can be on all subnets except remote_broadcast_subnet.

enum node_type {B_NODE=0, P_NODE=1, M_NODE=2, NBDD_NODE=3};
enum packet_type {NMB_PACKET, DGRAM_PACKET};

enum master_state {

enum domain_state {

enum logon_state {

struct subnet_record;

struct nmb_data {
      uint16 nb_flags;         /* Netbios flags. */
      int num_ips;             /* Number of ip entries. */
      struct in_addr *ip;      /* The ip list for this name. */

      enum name_source source; /* Where the name came from. */

      time_t death_time; /* The time the record must be removed (do not remove if 0). */
      time_t refresh_time; /* The time the record should be refreshed. */
      SMB_BIG_UINT id;        /* unique id */
      struct in_addr wins_ip; /* the adress of the wins server this record comes from */

      int wins_flags;         /* similar to the netbios flags but different ! */

/* This structure represents an entry in a local netbios name list. */
struct name_record {
      struct name_record *prev, *next;
      struct subnet_record *subnet;
      struct nmb_name       name;    /* The netbios name. */
      struct nmb_data       data;    /* The netbios data. */

/* Browser cache for synchronising browse lists. */
struct browse_cache_record {
      struct browse_cache_record *prev, *next;
      unstring        lmb_name;
      unstring        work_group;
      struct in_addr ip;
      time_t         sync_time;
      time_t         death_time; /* The time the record must be removed. */

/* This is used to hold the list of servers in my domain, and is
   contained within lists of domains. */

struct server_record {
      struct server_record *next;
      struct server_record *prev;

      struct subnet_record *subnet;

      struct server_info_struct serv;
      time_t death_time;  

/* A workgroup structure. It contains a list of servers. */
struct work_record {
      struct work_record *next;
      struct work_record *prev;

      struct subnet_record *subnet;

      struct server_record *serverlist;

      /* Stage of development from non-local-master up to local-master browser. */
      enum master_state mst_state;

      /* Stage of development from non-domain-master to domain-master browser. */
      enum domain_state dom_state;

      /* Stage of development from non-logon-server to logon server. */
      enum logon_state log_state;

      /* Work group info. */
      unstring work_group;
      int     token;        /* Used when communicating with backup browsers. */
      unstring local_master_browser_name;      /* Current local master browser. */

      /* Announce info. */
      time_t lastannounce_time;
      int announce_interval;
      bool    needannounce;

      /* Timeout time for this workgroup. 0 means permanent. */
      time_t death_time;  

      /* Election info */
      bool    RunningElection;
      bool    needelection;
      int     ElectionCount;
      uint32  ElectionCriterion;

      /* Domain master browser info. Used for efficient syncs. */
      struct nmb_name dmb_name;
      struct in_addr dmb_addr;

/* typedefs needed to define copy & free functions for userdata. */
struct userdata_struct;

typedef struct userdata_struct * (*userdata_copy_fn)(struct userdata_struct *);
typedef void (*userdata_free_fn)(struct userdata_struct *);

/* Structure to define any userdata passed around. */

struct userdata_struct {
      userdata_copy_fn copy_fn;
      userdata_free_fn free_fn;
      unsigned int userdata_len;
      char data[16]; /* 16 is to ensure alignment/padding on all systems */

struct response_record;
struct packet_struct;
struct res_rec;

/* typedef to define the function called when this response packet comes in. */
typedef void (*response_function)(struct subnet_record *, struct response_record *,
                                  struct packet_struct *);

/* typedef to define the function called when this response record times out. */
typedef void (*timeout_response_function)(struct subnet_record *,
                                          struct response_record *);

/* typedef to define the function called when the request that caused this
   response record to be created is successful. */
typedef void (*success_function)(struct subnet_record *, struct userdata_struct *, ...);

/* typedef to define the function called when the request that caused this
   response record to be created is unsuccessful. */
typedef void (*fail_function)(struct subnet_record *, struct response_record *, ...);

/* List of typedefs for success and fail functions of the different query
   types. Used to catch any compile time prototype errors. */

typedef void (*register_name_success_function)( struct subnet_record *,
                                                struct userdata_struct *,
                                                struct nmb_name *,
                                                struct in_addr);
typedef void (*register_name_fail_function)( struct subnet_record *,
                                             struct response_record *,
                                             struct nmb_name *);

typedef void (*release_name_success_function)( struct subnet_record *,
                                               struct userdata_struct *, 
                                               struct nmb_name *,
                                               struct in_addr);
typedef void (*release_name_fail_function)( struct subnet_record *,
                                            struct response_record *, 
                                            struct nmb_name *);

typedef void (*refresh_name_success_function)( struct subnet_record *,
                                               struct userdata_struct *, 
                                               struct nmb_name *,
                                               struct in_addr);
typedef void (*refresh_name_fail_function)( struct subnet_record *,
                                            struct response_record *,
                                            struct nmb_name *);

typedef void (*query_name_success_function)( struct subnet_record *,
                                             struct userdata_struct *,
                                             struct nmb_name *,
                                             struct in_addr,
                                             struct res_rec *answers);

typedef void (*query_name_fail_function)( struct subnet_record *,
                                          struct response_record *,    
                                          struct nmb_name *,

typedef void (*node_status_success_function)( struct subnet_record *,
                                              struct userdata_struct *,
                                              struct res_rec *,
                                              struct in_addr);
typedef void (*node_status_fail_function)( struct subnet_record *,
                                           struct response_record *);

/* Initiated name queries are recorded in this list to track any responses. */

struct response_record {
      struct response_record *next;
      struct response_record *prev;

      uint16 response_id;

      /* Callbacks for packets received or not. */ 
      response_function resp_fn;
      timeout_response_function timeout_fn;

      /* Callbacks for the request succeeding or not. */
      success_function success_fn;
      fail_function fail_fn;
      struct packet_struct *packet;

      struct userdata_struct *userdata;

      int num_msgs;

      time_t repeat_time;
      time_t repeat_interval;
      int    repeat_count;

      /* Recursion protection. */
      bool in_expiration_processing;

/* A subnet structure. It contains a list of workgroups and netbios names. */

   B nodes will have their own, totally separate subnet record, with their
   own netbios name set. These do NOT interact with other subnet records'
   netbios names.

enum subnet_type {
      NORMAL_SUBNET              = 0,  /* Subnet listed in interfaces list. */
      UNICAST_SUBNET             = 1,  /* Subnet for unicast packets. */
      REMOTE_BROADCAST_SUBNET    = 2,  /* Subnet for remote broadcasts. */
      WINS_SERVER_SUBNET         = 3   /* Only created if we are a WINS server. */

struct subnet_record {
      struct subnet_record *next;
      struct subnet_record *prev;

      char  *subnet_name;      /* For Debug identification. */
      enum subnet_type type;   /* To catagorize the subnet. */

      struct work_record     *workgrouplist; /* List of workgroups. */
      struct name_record     *namelist;   /* List of netbios names. */
      struct response_record *responselist;  /* List of responses expected. */

      bool namelist_changed;
      bool work_changed;

      struct in_addr bcast_ip;
      struct in_addr mask_ip;
      struct in_addr myip;
      int nmb_sock;               /* socket to listen for unicast 137. */
      int dgram_sock;             /* socket to listen for unicast 138. */

/* A resource record. */
struct res_rec {
      struct nmb_name rr_name;
      int rr_type;
      int rr_class;
      int ttl;
      int rdlength;
      char rdata[MAX_DGRAM_SIZE];

/* Define these so we can pass info back to caller of name_query */
#define NM_FLAGS_RS 0x80 /* Response. Cheat     */
#define NM_FLAGS_AA 0x40 /* Authoritative       */
#define NM_FLAGS_TC 0x20 /* Truncated           */
#define NM_FLAGS_RD 0x10 /* Recursion Desired   */
#define NM_FLAGS_RA 0x08 /* Recursion Available */
#define NM_FLAGS_B  0x01 /* Broadcast           */

/* An nmb packet. */
struct nmb_packet {
      struct {
            int name_trn_id;
            int opcode;
            bool response;
            struct {
                  bool bcast;
                  bool recursion_available;
                  bool recursion_desired;
                  bool trunc;
                  bool authoritative;
            } nm_flags;
            int rcode;
            int qdcount;
            int ancount;
            int nscount;
            int arcount;
      } header;

      struct {
            struct nmb_name question_name;
            int question_type;
            int question_class;
      } question;

      struct res_rec *answers;
      struct res_rec *nsrecs;
      struct res_rec *additional;

/* msg_type field options - from rfc1002. */

#define DGRAM_UNIQUE 0x10
#define DGRAM_GROUP 0x11
#define DGRAM_BROADCAST 0x12
#define DGRAM_ERROR 0x13

/* A datagram - this normally contains SMB data in the data[] array. */

struct dgram_packet {
      struct {
            int msg_type;
            struct {
                  enum node_type node_type;
                  bool first;
                  bool more;
            } flags;
            int dgm_id;
            struct in_addr source_ip;
            int source_port;
            int dgm_length;
            int packet_offset;
      } header;
      struct nmb_name source_name;
      struct nmb_name dest_name;
      int datasize;
      char data[MAX_DGRAM_SIZE];

/* Define a structure used to queue packets. This will be a linked
 list of nmb packets. */

struct packet_struct
      struct packet_struct *next;
      struct packet_struct *prev;
      bool locked;
      struct in_addr ip;
      int port;
      int fd;
      time_t timestamp;
      enum packet_type packet_type;
      union {
            struct nmb_packet nmb;
            struct dgram_packet dgram;
      } packet;

/* NETLOGON opcodes */

#define QUERYFORPDC      7 /* Query for PDC. */
#define SAM_UAS_CHANGE  10 /* Announce change to UAS or SAM. */
#define QUERYFORPDC_R   12 /* Response to Query for PDC. */
#define SAMLOGON  18
#define SAMLOGON_R      19
#define SAMLOGON_UNK_R  21
#define SAMLOGON_AD_UNK_R 23
#define SAMLOGON_AD_R   25

/* Ids for netbios packet types. */

#define ANN_HostAnnouncement         1
#define ANN_AnnouncementRequest      2
#define ANN_Election                 8
#define ANN_GetBackupListReq         9
#define ANN_GetBackupListResp       10
#define ANN_BecomeBackup            11
#define ANN_DomainAnnouncement      12
#define ANN_MasterAnnouncement      13
#define ANN_ResetBrowserState       14
#define ANN_LocalMasterAnnouncement 15

/* Broadcast packet announcement intervals, in minutes. */

/* Attempt to add domain logon and domain master names. */

/* Search for master browsers of workgroups samba knows about, 
   except default. */
#define CHECK_TIME_MST_BROWSE       5 

/* Request backup browser announcements from other servers. */

/* Request host announcements from other servers: min and max of interval. */

/* Announce as master to WINS server and any Primary Domain Controllers. */

/* Time between syncs from domain master browser to local master browsers. */

/* Do all remote announcements this often. */

/* what is the maximum period between name refreshes. Note that this only
   affects non-permanent self names (in seconds) */
#define MAX_REFRESH_TIME (60*20)

/* The Extinction interval: 4 days, time a node will stay in released state  */
#define EXTINCTION_INTERVAL (4*24*60*60)

/* The Extinction time-out: 1 day, time a node will stay in deleted state */
#define EXTINCTION_TIMEOUT (24*60*60)

/* Macro's to enumerate subnets either with or without
   the UNICAST subnet. */

extern struct subnet_record *subnetlist;
extern struct subnet_record *unicast_subnet;
extern struct subnet_record *wins_server_subnet;
extern struct subnet_record *remote_broadcast_subnet;

#define FIRST_SUBNET subnetlist
#define NEXT_SUBNET_EXCLUDING_UNICAST(x) ((x)->next)
#define NEXT_SUBNET_INCLUDING_UNICAST(x) (get_next_subnet_maybe_unicast((x)))

/* wins replication record used between nmbd and wrepld */
typedef struct _WINS_RECORD {
      char name[17];
      char type;
      int nb_flags;
      int wins_flags;
      SMB_BIG_UINT id;
      int num_ips;
      struct in_addr ip[25];
      struct in_addr wins_ip;

/* To be removed. */
enum state_type { TEST };
#endif /* _NAMESERV_H_ */

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