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gencache.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Generic, persistent and shared between processes cache mechanism for use by various parts of the Samba code.

Definition in file gencache.c.

#include "includes.h"

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#define BLOB_TYPE_LEN   9
#define CACHE_DATA_FMT   "%12u/%s"
#define READ_CACHE_DATA_FMT_TEMPLATE   "%%12u/%%%us"
#define TIMEOUT_LEN   12


bool gencache_del (const char *keystr)
bool gencache_get (const char *keystr, char **valstr, time_t *timeout)
bool gencache_get_data_blob (const char *keystr, DATA_BLOB *blob, bool *expired)
bool gencache_init (void)
void gencache_iterate (void(*fn)(const char *key, const char *value, time_t timeout, void *dptr), void *data, const char *keystr_pattern)
int gencache_lock_entry (const char *key)
bool gencache_set (const char *keystr, const char *value, time_t timeout)
bool gencache_set_data_blob (const char *keystr, DATA_BLOB *blob, time_t timeout)
bool gencache_shutdown (void)
void gencache_unlock_entry (const char *key)


static TDB_CONTEXT * cache

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