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   Samba's Internal Registry objects
   SMB parameters and setup
   Copyright (C) Gerald Carter                   2002-2006.
   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   GNU General Public License for more details.
   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

#define _REG_OBJECTS_H

/* structure to contain registry values */

typedef struct {
      fstring           valuename;
      uint16            type;
      /* this should be encapsulated in an RPC_DATA_BLOB */
      uint32            size; /* in bytes */
      uint8           *data_p;

 * A REG_SZ string is not necessarily NULL terminated. When retrieving it from
 * the net, we guarantee this however. A server might want to push it without
 * the terminator though.

struct registry_string {
      size_t len;
      char *str;

struct registry_value {
      enum winreg_Type type;
      union {
            uint32 dword;
            uint64 qword;
            struct registry_string sz;
            struct {
                  uint32 num_strings;
                  char **strings;
            } multi_sz;
            DATA_BLOB binary;
      } v;

/* container for registry values */

typedef struct {
      uint32          num_values;
      REGISTRY_VALUE    **values;
      int seqnum;

/* container for registry subkey names */

typedef struct {
      uint32          num_subkeys;
      char            **subkeys;
      int seqnum;

 * Macros that used to reside in rpc_reg.h
#define HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT     0x80000000
#define HKEY_CURRENT_USER     0x80000001
#define HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE    0x80000002
#define HKEY_USERS            0x80000003
#define HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA 0x80000004

#define KEY_HKLM        "HKLM"
#define KEY_HKU               "HKU"
#define KEY_HKCC        "HKCC"
#define KEY_HKCR        "HKCR"
#define KEY_HKPD        "HKPD"
#define KEY_HKPT        "HKPT"
#define KEY_HKPN        "HKPN"
#define KEY_HKCU        "HKCU"
#define KEY_HKDD        "HKDD"
#define KEY_SERVICES          "HKLM\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services"
#define KEY_EVENTLOG          "HKLM\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\Eventlog"
#define KEY_SHARES            "HKLM\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\LanmanServer\\Shares"
#define KEY_NETLOGON_PARAMS   "HKLM\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\Netlogon\\Parameters"
#define KEY_TCPIP_PARAMS      "HKLM\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\Tcpip\\Parameters"
#define KEY_PROD_OPTIONS      "HKLM\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\ProductOptions"
#define KEY_PRINTING          "HKLM\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Print"
#define KEY_PRINTING_2K       "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Print\\Printers"
#define KEY_PRINTING_PORTS    "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Ports"
#define KEY_CURRENT_VERSION   "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion"
#define KEY_PERFLIB           "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Perflib"
#define KEY_PERFLIB_009       "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Perflib\\009"
#define KEY_SMBCONF           "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Samba\\smbconf"
#define KEY_TREE_ROOT         ""

 * Registry key types
 *    Most keys are going to be GENERIC -- may need a better name?
 *    HKPD and HKPT are used by reg_perfcount.c
 *          they are special keys that contain performance data
#define REG_KEY_GENERIC       0
#define REG_KEY_HKPD          1
#define REG_KEY_HKPT          2

 * container for function pointers to enumeration routines
 * for virtual registry view 
typedef struct {
      /* functions for enumerating subkeys and values */    
      int   (*fetch_subkeys)( const char *key, REGSUBKEY_CTR *subkeys);
      int   (*fetch_values) ( const char *key, REGVAL_CTR *val );
      bool  (*store_subkeys)( const char *key, REGSUBKEY_CTR *subkeys );
      bool  (*store_values)( const char *key, REGVAL_CTR *val );
      bool  (*reg_access_check)( const char *keyname, uint32 requested,
                             uint32 *granted,
                             const NT_USER_TOKEN *token );
      WERROR (*get_secdesc)(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, const char *key,
                        struct security_descriptor **psecdesc);
      WERROR (*set_secdesc)(const char *key,
                        struct security_descriptor *sec_desc);
      bool  (*subkeys_need_update)(REGSUBKEY_CTR *subkeys);
      bool  (*values_need_update)(REGVAL_CTR *values);

typedef struct {
      const char  *keyname;   /* full path to name of key */
      REGISTRY_OPS      *ops;       /* registry function hooks */

/* structure to store the registry handles */

typedef struct _RegistryKey {
      uint32            type;
      char        *name;            /* full name of registry key */
      uint32            access_granted;
      REGISTRY_HOOK     *hook;      

struct registry_key {
      REGISTRY_KEY *key;
      REGSUBKEY_CTR *subkeys;
      REGVAL_CTR *values;
      struct nt_user_token *token;

#endif /* _REG_OBJECTS_H */

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