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 **** NDR types for the S/390 Architecture - 32bit, Big Endian Mode

#ifndef _NDRTYPES_H
#define _NDRTYPES_H

typedef unsigned char         ndr_boolean;

#define ndr_false false
#define ndr_true  true

typedef unsigned char         ndr_byte;

typedef unsigned char         ndr_char;

typedef signed char           ndr_small_int;

typedef unsigned char         ndr_usmall_int;

typedef short int             ndr_short_int;

typedef unsigned short int    ndr_ushort_int;

typedef int                       ndr_long_int;

typedef unsigned int            ndr_ulong_int;

typedef signed long int         ndr_hyper_int;

typedef unsigned long int       ndr_uhyper_int;

typedef float                   ndr_short_float;

typedef double                  ndr_long_float;

#endif /* NDRTYPES_H */

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