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 * (c) Copyright 1991 OPEN SOFTWARE FOUNDATION, INC.
 * (c) Copyright 1991 HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY
 * To anyone who acknowledges that this file is provided "AS IS"
 * without any express or implied warranty:
 *                 permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
 * file for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that
 * the above copyright notices and this notice appears in all source
 * code copies, and that none of the names of Open Software
 * Foundation, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, or Digital Equipment
 * Corporation be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to
 * distribution of the software without specific, written prior
 * permission.  Neither Open Software Foundation, Inc., Hewlett-
 * Packard Company, nor Digital Equipment Corporation makes any
 * representations about the suitability of this software for any
 * purpose.
#if   !defined(_CS_S_H)
#define _CS_S_H
**  NAME
**      cs_s.h
**      Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
**  Data types and definitions for Code Set Interoperability extension
**  (or Internationalization) to RPC runtime.

 * ISO 10646:1992, UCS-2, Level 2
 * Universal Code Set (encoding) for DCE
#define UCS2_L2         0x0010101

 * When rpc_ns_mgmt_*** routines are extended in the future to, 
 * deal with attributes other than code sets, the new attribute
 * specifier needs to be added here.
#define     RPC_EVAL_TYPE_CODESETS        0x0001

 *  Tagged union identifiers.
 *  This is used to distinguish tagged union data structure for
 *  i18n binding handle extension.
#define     RPC_CS_EVAL_TAGS        0
#define RPC_CS_EVAL_METHOD          1

 * Code sets interoperability connection models
#define     RPC_EVAL_NO_CONVERSION        0x0001
#define     RPC_EVAL_RMIR_MODEL           0x0002
#define     RPC_EVAL_CMIR_MODEL           0x0003
#define     RPC_EVAL_SMIR_MODEL           0x0004
#define     RPC_EVAL_INTERMEDIATE_MODEL   0x0005
#define     RPC_EVAL_UNIVERSAL_MODEL      0x0006

 * Extension to an import context handle.  The new field 'eval_routines'
 * in 'rpc_lkup_rep_t' will be the following data structure.
typedef struct {
      unsigned32        num;
      rpc_cs_eval_list_p      list;
} rpc_cs_eval_func_t, *rpc_cs_eval_func_p_t;

 * R P C _ C S _ C O D E S E T _ I 1 4 Y _ D A T A
 * Argument to OSF code set evaluation routine.  This data will be passed
 * to the evaluation routine, and figure out the compatible client and server
 * code sets combination.  The evaluation routine will be called from a client
 * in OSF implementation, and it will not be called from a client stub.
 * ns_name  : NSI entry name for a server
 * cleanup  : boolean flag indicating any clean-up action required.
 * method_p : pointer to 'rpc_cs_method_eval_t' data.  See above.
 * status   : result of the code set evaluation.
typedef struct codeset_i14y_data {
      unsigned_char_p_t ns_name;
      void              *args;
      boolean32         cleanup;
      rpc_cs_method_eval_p_t  method_p;
      error_status_t          status;
} rpc_cs_codeset_i14y_data, *rpc_cs_codeset_i14y_data_p;

 * Internal routine to attach the code set interoperability
 * attributes to a binding handle.  This routine is not intended
 * to be used by application developers.  Only runtime uses it.
extern void rpc_cs_binding_set_method (
    /* [in, out] */ rpc_binding_handle_t *h,
    /* [in] */ rpc_cs_method_eval_p_t method_p,
    /* [out] */ error_status_t *status

 * prototype declarations for locally defined routines
extern void stub_conversion
      rpc_binding_handle_t    h,
      boolean32         server_side,
      unsigned32        from_tag,
      unsigned32        to_tag,
      byte_t                  *conv_ldata,
      unsigned32        conv_l_data_len,
      byte_t                  *conv_wdata,
      unsigned32        *conv_p_w_data_len,
      error_status_t          *status

 * Well-known UUID for code set attribute
#define rpc_c_uuid_codesets_string  "a1794860-a955-11cd-8443-08000925d3fe"

extern uuid_t rpc_c_attr_real_codesets;
extern uuid_t *rpc_c_attr_codesets;

#endif      /* !defined(_CS_S_H) */

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