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#include <dce/dcethread.h>

struct _dcethread
    /* Handle of associated pthread */
    pthread_t pthread;

    /* Reference count */
    unsigned int refs;

    /* Current state of thread 
       Changing state should be done with
       lock held and a signal should be 
       broadcast on state_changed */
      /* Normal, running state */
      /* Blocked */
      /* An interrupt has been requested */
      /* Thread has exited */
      /* Thread has been created but is not yet running */
    } state;

    /* Boolean attributes */
        /* Do we own the underlying pthread?
           (that is, it should be joined/detached when
           this dcethread is deleted)
           FIXME: give this a better name */
      unsigned joinable :1;
        /* Is asychronous cancellation enabled? */
      unsigned async :1;
        /* Is the thread currently interruptible? */
      unsigned interruptible :1;
        /* Is the thread currently locked? (for debugging) */
        unsigned locked :1;
    } flag;

    /* Return status (as set by pthread_exit() or returning from start func) */
    void* status;

    /* Function to perform an interruption on this thread.
       This function is called after setting the state to
       INTERRUPT in order to wake it up as necessary.
       Returns 1 if the thread is definitely interrupted,
       0 if it may not have worked */
    int (*interrupt)(dcethread* thread, void* data);

    /* Data pointer for interruption function */
    void *interrupt_data;

    /* Function to handle an interruption.
       This function is invoked within this thread when
       an interruption is acknowledged.  The default
       behavior is to throw an exception. */
    void (*handle_interrupt)(dcethread* thread, void* data);

    /* Data pointer for interrupt handler function */
    void *handle_interrupt_data;

    /* Lock for atomically updating this structure */
    pthread_mutex_t lock;

    /* Condition variable to wait for a state change */
    pthread_cond_t state_change;

typedef struct
    dcethread_mutex *mutex;
    dcethread_cond *cond;
} condwait_info;

void dcethread__init (void);
dcethread* dcethread__new (void);
void dcethread__delete(dcethread* thread);
dcethread* dcethread__self(void);
void dcethread__init_self(dcethread* thread);
void dcethread__retain(dcethread* thread);
void dcethread__release(dcethread* thread);
void dcethread__lock(dcethread* thread);
void dcethread__unlock(dcethread* info);
void dcethread__wait(dcethread* thread);
void dcethread__timedwait(dcethread* thread, struct timespec* ts);
void dcethread__change_state(dcethread* thread, int state);
void dcethread__lock_global(void);
void dcethread__unlock_global(void);
void dcethread__dispatchinterrupt(dcethread* thread);
void dcethread__interrupt(dcethread* thread);
void dcethread__set_interrupt_handler(dcethread* thread, void (*handle_interrupt)(dcethread*, void*), void* data);
int dcethread__begin_block(dcethread* thread, int (*interrupt)(dcethread*, void*), void* data, int (**old_interrupt)(dcethread*, void*), void** old_data);
int dcethread__poll_end_block(dcethread* thread, int (*interrupt)(dcethread*, void*), void* data);
int dcethread__end_block(dcethread* thread, int (*interrupt)(dcethread*, void*), void* data);
int dcethread__interrupt_syscall(dcethread* thread, void* data);
int dcethread__interrupt_condwait(dcethread* thread, void* data);
void dcethread__cleanup_self(dcethread* self);


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