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**  NAME:
**      id_base.idl
**      DCE identity base type definitions
**      Contains identity base type definitions for interoperability
**      with Windows NT servers and other DCE RPC servers. Loosely
**      based on OSF DCE IDL but with extensions for NT interoperability.

interface sec_id_base
import "dce/nbase.idl";

typedef struct sec_id_t {
      uuid_t uuid;
      [string] char *name;
} sec_id_t;

typedef struct sec_id_foreign_t {
      sec_id_t id;
      sec_id_t realm;
} sec_id_foreign_t;

typedef struct sec_id_foreign_groupset_t {
      sec_id_t realm;
      unsigned16 num_groups;
      [size_is(num_groups)] sec_id_t *groups;
} sec_id_foreign_groupset_t;

typedef enum {
      /* DCE PAC */
} sec_id_pac_format_t;

const long sec_id_authz_data_dce = 64;
const long sec_id_authz_data_sesame = 65;
const long sec_id_authz_data_mspac = 128;

typedef struct sec_id_pac_format_v1_t {
      sec_id_t realm;
      sec_id_t principal;
      sec_id_t group;
      unsigned16 num_groups;
      unsigned16 num_foreign_groups;
      [size_is(num_groups)] sec_id_t *groups;
      [size_is(num_foreign_groups)] sec_id_t *foreign_groups;
} sec_id_pac_format_v1_t;

typedef struct sec_id_pac_format_raw_t {
      unsigned32 type;
      unsigned32 length;
      [size_is(length)] byte *value;
} sec_id_pac_format_raw_t;

 * I had to change these structures a little from DCE
 * to accommodate the Windows 2000 PAC, but we should
 * be binary compatible with the existing DCE interface.
 * Unfortunately we're not source compatible with 
 * implementations that expect sec_id_pac_format_v1_t to
 * be the same layout as sec_id_pac_t.
typedef [switch_type(sec_id_pac_format_t)] union sec_id_pac_rep_t {
      [case(sec_id_pac_format_v1)] sec_id_pac_format_v1_t v1_pac;
      [case(sec_id_pac_format_raw)] sec_id_pac_format_raw_t raw_pac;
} sec_id_pac_rep_t;

typedef struct sec_id_pac_t {
      sec_id_pac_format_t pac_type;
      boolean32 authenticated;
      [switch_is(pac_type)] sec_id_pac_rep_t pac;
} sec_id_pac_t;

typedef struct sec_id_pickled_pac_t {
      ndr_format_t format_label;
      unsigned32 num_bytes;
      [size_is(num_bytes)] byte pickled_data[];
} sec_id_pickled_pac_t;

typedef struct rpc_np_sec_context_t {
      unsigned32 Length;
      unsigned32 Version;
      unsigned32 UserNameLength;
      [size_is(UserNameLength)] char *UserName;
      unsigned32 DomainNameLength;
      [size_is(DomainNameLength)] char *DomainName;
      unsigned32 WorkstationLength;
      [size_is(WorkstationLength)] char *Workstation;
      unsigned32 SessionKeyLength;
      [size_is(SessionKeyLength)] char *SessionKey;
} rpc_np_sec_context_t, *rpc_np_sec_context_p_t;


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